BA 220 : Business Analysis and Budgeting

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Business Analysis Budgeting



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BA 104; BA 112; and CIS 131.

Recommended preparation

CIS 125E.


This course is designed to develop mathematical analytical skills in performing the daily tasks of a manager or salesperson. The course has a threefold focus: strengthening understanding and use of business terminology in regards to financial information; development of spreadsheet skills in evaluating the costing, pricing and financing strategies of products and services; and development of skills in evaluating and making budgeting, financial and investment decisions. This is a hands-on, skills-oriented course.

Learning outcomes

1. Manage their own time, meet deadlines and be properly prepare to be fully engaged in course discussions;
2. Develop problem solving techniques to determine the reasonableness and accuracy of solutions; be able to “guess well”;
3. Determine the profitability of products and services using various purchasing, inventory and pricing strategies;
4. Analyze financial statements from an operational standpoint using key ratios;
5. Select appropriate lending and borrowing strategies using compound interest and loan payment amounts;
6. Evaluate investment decisions based on present and future cash flows (using Net Present Value);
7. Prepare an annual cash budget on a month-by-month basis along with being able to justify the assumptions made within that budget;
8. Project future operational costs and develop pro-forma income statements;
9. Determine sales volume requirements for break-even and targeted profit points;
10. Conduct “what-if” analysis with market variables used in decision making.

Content outline

Excel review
Simple Interest
Compound Interest/FV/PV
Consumer loan payments
Net Present Value NPV
Internal Rate of return - IRR
Percents and Discounts
Chain and Cash Discounts
Cash Flows
Budgeting Budget Variance
Financial Statement Analysis Section 9
Budgeting and Goal Seek
Break-Even Analysis and Weighted Averages
Master Budget

Required materials

Required textbook and specified calculator.

Grading methods

This course is assessed through homework, midterm exams, and a final exam.

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