BA 224 : Human Resources Management

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Human Resources Management



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BA 206.

Course Description

Covers principles and techniques of human resources management. Includes the following topics: hiring practices, orientation, training, job enrichment, motivation, and performance and review. Covers wage policies, benefits programs and how to comply with a myriad of legal requirements.

Course learning outcomes

1. Explain the federal and state laws that govern employment.
2. Describe factors and the process in forecasting human resource needs.
3. Write a job analysis, description and specification.
4. Describe job design including its relevance to employee motivation and well-being.
5. Develop a plan to recruit select, orient, train, evaluate and compensation employees within the legal guidelines.
6. Understand the differences of diversity management, equal employment opportunity and affirmative action.
7. Understand the different forms of harassment and how employees and managers should respond to harassment complaints.
8. Describe the labor relations impact and laws for the workplace.
9. Explain basic workplace health and safety issues, (OSHA).

Content outline

HR and Strategic Role Role of HRM in Business Legal Regulatory Environment Job Design Job Analysis Analyzing Work and HR Planning Sourcing and Recruiting Selection and Hiring Performance Management Safety Programs Incentives Rewards Compensation Benefits Employee/Mgmt Relations Labor Unions Engagement and Turnover Creating High Performance HR Systems

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Required textbook.

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