BA 228 : Computer Accounting Applications

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Computer Accounting Appls



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Recommended preparation

CIS 131 and either BA 111 or BA 211.

Course Description

Introduces double-entry, fully-integrated computerized accounting software on the microcomputer. Students will get hands-on experience recording a variety of business transactions and preparing financial statements using the software.

Course learning outcomes

1. Setup a small business automated accounting system.
2. Setup a small business automated accounting system for a service business.
3. Setup a small business automated accounting system for a merchandising business.
4. Journalize a group of business transactions into a general journal and special journals.
5. Account for debit and credit memorandums.
6. Distinguish between standard accounting system and a voucher system.
7. Maintain an order processing and inventory control system.
8. Deal with different purchase order transactions.
9. Interpret data from different types of accounting reports; balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flows.
10. Learn to deal with computerized sales order processing integration and sales invoices.
11. Understand the implications of generating automated closing entries.
12. Understand how to transfer data from an automated accounting system to EXCEL or WORD.
13. Reconcile a bank statement and make appropriate adjusting entries.
14. Learn to account for various adjusting entries.
15. Learn to maintain various employees accounting data as it relates to accounting including the processing of payroll special reports like the form 940, and 941.
16. Learn how to deal with stock dividend transactions, treasury stock and cash dividend transactions.
17. Understand ratio analysis, income statement horizontal analysis, balance sheet horizontal analysis, ratio analysis report formulas.
18. Understand how to setup a new business using accounting software.

Content outline

Accounting Software Accounting Cycle Accounting Payable Accounts Receivable Service Provider Accounting Retailer Accounting Partnerships and Corporations Financial Statement Analysis Departmental Accounting

Required materials

Required textbook and accounting software.

Outside of

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