BA 233 : Internet Marketing

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Internet Marketing



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Recommended preparation

BA 223.

Course Description

Building on the marketing concepts from BA 223, this course develops marketing skills in pricing, promotion and distribution strategies while using the internet. Design and content development for email, website and social media marketing based in an understanding of consumer behavior will also be covered. Additional topics include site optimization along with how to use analytic tools that will determine effectiveness of Internet marketing efforts. Note: this course does not cover HTML programming.

Course learning outcomes

1. Compare and contrast internet marketing media as it relates to the promotion mix.
2. Compose relevant content for websites, social media, and email campaigns.
3. Evaluate the effectiveness of website design and content.
4. Identify basic coding elements in order to analyze search engine optimization criteria.
5. Design an email marketing campaign.
6. Construct a social media strategy and select most relevant social media tools.

Content outline

Internet Marketing Strategy Content Rules Web Design Search Engine Optimization Email Marketing Social Media

Required materials

Required textbook.

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