BA 237 : Marketing Research

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Marketing Research



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BA 223. Credits

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Effective marketing research is essential to modern business development. The marketing concept is, by definition, customer driven. Without an accurate and complete assessment of customer needs and wants, business risk is increased. Marketing research has become the driving force of business excellence in the 21st century. This course will explore the best methodologies for confirming strategic initiatives before committing tactical assets. Marketing research provides the critical and essential input for crafting a strategy and developing a business model.

Course learning outcomes

1. Identify and describe the main types of market research used to make marketing decisions, including primary, secondary, qualitative, and quantitative research.
2. Evaluate various research study objectives, which may include sales, market, and environment trends, new product opportunities, brand awareness, new market emergence, competitor activities, and customer behavior, buying patterns, preferences, and satisfaction levels.
3. Design a research study to meet a selected marketing research objective.
4. Employ ethical research methods to collect data.
5. Analyze and interpret research data in order to draw a conclusion and make a marketing decision.

Content outline

Value of Marketing Research Types of Research Defining Market Problems Data Collection Data Validation Data Methodologies Data Organization Data Analysis Data Presentation

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No required materials.

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