BA 239 : Advertising

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BA 223.

Course Description

This course develops understanding of the principles and techniques necessary to create an advertising campaign for a business with a focus on the promotion component of the marketing mix. Examines the ways in which advertising fits into the scheme of business marketing. Also discusses advertising and its relationships with other promotional activities. Includes a thorough look into the use of different media choices and the planning of advertising campaigns. Also covers some of the basics regarding the design of commercials and printed copy. Includes work on real-life advertising campaigns.

Course learning outcomes

1. Compare and contrast advertising media options as part of the promotion mix.
2. Analyze the advertising problem, target audience, and desired message in order to select the appropriate advertising media.
3. Evaluate the design, content and overall message of advertisements.
4. Describe the process of creating television, radio and print advertisements.
5. Construct an advertising budget.
6. Identify and explain goals and strategies when hiring agencies and freelance designers to accomplish advertising objectives.

Content outline

Marketing Mix/IMC Basics Branding Regulatory and Ethical Considerations Market Segmentation/Target Marketing Consumer/Buyer Behavior Messaging Design Messaging Strategies, Appeals and Frameworks Media: TV, Radio, Print, Internet Marketing/Social Media, Nontraditional-Support Media Direct Marketing Sales Promotion Public Relations Marketing budgeting Measuring your marketing/results

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Required textbook.

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