BA 249 : Retailing

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BA 223.

Course Description

Develops skills in understanding and developing strategies in the retail environment. Examines the retail industry including store location, layout, display, merchandise selection, inventory and operational controls and promotion. Includes tours of local retail stores.

Course learning outcomes

1. Be able to manage their own time, meet deadlines and properly prepare for meetings.
2. Describe the different categories of retailers and their impact on the retail market place.
3. Conduct a retail competitive analysis.
4. Develop a retail strategy for different customer profiles.
5. Develop a merchandising / inventory management plan.
6. Describe basic concepts of display design.
7. Analyze a retail store in regards to layout, displays, traffic flow and merchandising relative to customer shopping behaviors.
8. Conduct a location analysis on an existing retail site.
9. Use financial statements in making retail decisions.
10. Develop an advertising plan and promotion budget for a retail season.
11. Analyze retail web sites for effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Content outline

  • Types of Retailers
  • Multichannel Retailing/Customer Buying Behavior
  • Retail Market Strategy/Financial Strategy
  • Retail Locations/Retail Site Location
  • Human Resource Management/ Info Systems – Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Relationship Management/Managing the Merchandise Planning
  • Buying Merchandise/Retail Pricing Retail Communication Mix
  • Retail Store Design and Displays Field work
  • Managing the Store/Store layout, Design and Visual Merchandising

Required materials

Required textbook and online access.

Outside of

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