BA 250 : Entrepreneurship

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This course provides a solid foundation in entrepreneurship and small business management. Students will learn about the challenges facing entrepreneurship today, business management strategies, guerrilla marketing for success, the importance of financial planning and how to effectively present an elevator pitch. Additionally, students will learn about the various legal forms of business ownership, sources of financing a business, and E-Commerce. A balance between the practical learning and "real life" situations will be followed throughout the course.

Learning outcomes

1. Describe the challenges of Entrepreneurship and the process of transforming an idea to reality.
2. Explain the importance of building a competitive advantage.
3. Describe the legal forms of business ownership.
4. Comprehend the advantages and disadvantages between purchasing an existing business, starting a
business and franchising.
5. Describe the guerrilla marketing plan process, including the strategies behind product/service
positioning, target market, pricing, distribution, and promotion.
6. Develop knowledge about E-Commerce business and the elements needed for success.
7. Develop an understanding of pro forma financial plans, ratio analysis, and sources of financing.

Content outline

Inside the Entrepreneurial Mind…
Designing and Building a Strategic Plan
Conducting a Feasibility Analysis
Forms of Business Ownership
Buying a Franchise
Buying an Existing Business
Building a Powerful Marketing Plan
Pricing Strategies
Creating a Successful Financial Plan
Managing Cash Flow
Sources of Financing
Online Elevator Pitches

Required materials

Required textbook.

Grading methods

This course is assessed through homework, in-class assignments, midterm and final exam.

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