BA 261 : Consumer Behavior

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Consumer Behavior



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Recommended preparation

BA 223.

Course Description

This course explores the determinants of consumer buying behavior and the process consumers use to make buying decisions. Study includes psychological and sociological principles and their impact on purchasing behaviors. Understanding of these behaviors and the purchase process are used to help design marketing strategies.

Course learning outcomes

1. Describe the shopping process consumers use when purchasing products and services.
2. Relate features to benefits in the eyes of the consumer.
3. Explain cultural and social influences impact on consumer behavior.
4. Relate motivation principles to consumer behavior.
5. Conduct research to investigate consumer attitudes, beliefs and behaviors.
6. Apply knowledge of consumer behavior patterns to the design of the marketing mix.
7. Develop different positioning strategies for different target markets and behavior patterns.

Content outline

  • Consumer Value Perception
  • Consumer Comprehension
  • Consumer Motivation
  • Consumer Personality
  • Consumer Attitudes
  • Consumer Group Influences
  • Consumer Culture
  • Situational Influences
  • Consumer Decision Making
  • Post-Consumption
  • Consumer Relationships
  • Marketing Misbehaviors

Required materials

Required textbook.

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