BAK 101 : Introduction to Baking & Pastry

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Intro to Baking Pastry



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This introductory level course covers the basic theory and skill sets used throughout the field of baking and pastry. Topics covered include the use of hand tools and equipment found in a bakeshop, as well as the exploration of baking and pastry ingredients and their functions. Students will gain a working knowledge of the major methods such as creaming, blending, foaming, meringues, pre-cooked, cut-in, lamination, straight dough, custards, frozen desserts, chocolates, and sauces. Students will also taste and evaluate products they create in class to enhance their understanding of the course material.

Course learning outcomes

1. Identify and select ingredients for use in a variety of baked products.
2. Apply standards of professionalism to the baking industry.
3. Describe and apply the function of ingredients in the baking process.
4. Explain the use of formula and the bakers percentage as it relates to the baking process.
5. Prepare a variety of baked products using creaming, sponge, muffin, basic custards methods, cake/dessert, and bread preparation.
6. Describe and use the equipment typical to the baking process.
7. Describe and demonstrate the basic baking science principles, ratio and technique.

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