BAK 110 : Baking and Pastry Foundations I

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Baking Pastry Foundations I



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Prerequisites with concurrency

CUL 102; CUL 104; and choose either WR 121 or BA 214.

Course Description

Learn about the baking industry, nomenclature, equipment, kitchen operations, knife skills, baking techniques, science, ratios, and standardized recipes. Learn about and produce fruit desserts; cookies; meringues; pate a choux and basic custards.

Course learning outcomes

1. Identify and select ingredients for use in a variety of baked products.
2. Apply standards of professionalism to the baking industry.
3. Examine and outline the major developments in the history of the baking industry.
4. Describe and apply the function of ingredients in the baking process.
5. Explain the use of formula, standardization, and baker’s percentage as it relates to the baking process.
6. Prepare a variety of baked products using creaming, sponge, muffin and basic custard and pastry techniques.
7. Describe and operate equipment typical to the baking process.

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