BAK 140 : Baking and Pastry Foundations II

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Baking Pastry Foundations II



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BAK 110.


Learn production of breads and yeast doughs, laminate doughs, pies, and tarts. Topics include stages of yeast dough production, product identification, wheat based flours, baker’s percentage, gluten development, lean straight doughs, soft-crusted breads, basic laminate doughs.

Learning outcomes

1. Compare and contrast flours used in the bread baking process
2. Describe and apply the 12 stages of yeast production
3. List the stages of gluten development and how the baker determines the correct texture for different yeast products
4. Prepare a variety of formulas using the bakers percentage
5. Evaluate and classify bread products based upon mixing method
6. Prepare laminated doughs and pastries using different folding techniques and make up techniques
7. Prepare sweet rich yeast dough with a variety of fillings and make up technique

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