BAK 140 : Baking and Pastry Foundations II

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Baking Pastry Foundations II



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BAK 110.

Course Description

Covers basic pastry dough production, the textural complexity of each dough, and their role in creating delicious pastries and desserts. Includes tart and pie dough, puff pastry, pâte a choux, crêpes, biscuits, shortbread, fritters, sweet yeasted doughs, strudel, phyllo, and cookies. Create a variety of products in each of these categories.

Course learning outcomes

1. Produce a variety of basic pastry used in the foundation kitchen, including pies, tarts, biscuits, shortbread, cookies, pâte a choux, crêpes, phyllo, strudel, enriched dough, and puff pastry.
2. Explain and demonstrate the various baking techniques and ingredients used to create flakiness and tenderness in basic pastry and dessert production.
3. Create a variety of texturally balanced and flavorful pastries and fillings used in advanced dessert preparation.
4. Differentiate between major tart, pie, dessert, and pastry doughs and replicate each with skill and ease.
5. Evaluate pastries and baked goods based on quality, taste, and appearance.

Content outline

  • The Baking Process and Basic Pastry
  • Ingredients and Ingredient Function
  • Types of Cookies
  • Biscuits and Shortbread
  • Tarts and Tart Doug
  • h Pies and Pie Dough
  • Puff Pastry Dough
  • Phyllo and Strudel Dough
  • Fried Dough - Fritters
  • Pâte a Choux, Profiteroles and Eclairs
  • Crêpes and Crêpe Desserts

Required materials

Requires a uniform and baking and pastry arts tool kit available at the COCC Bookstore.

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