BAK 170 : Baking and Pastry Foundations III

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Baking Pastry Foundations III



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BAK 110.

Course Description

Produce quick breads and dessert foundation sauces, make and bake cake layers, and assemble classic cakes. Topics include menu planning and balancing flavors and textures in desserts.

Course learning outcomes

1. Identify and prepare a variety of quick bread using two stage, muffin, biscuit and creaming method.
2. Prepare and evaluate desserts sauces and how to apply to plated desserts and presentations.
3. Select and prepare cakes using the four basic mixing methods.
4. Evaluate prepared cakes for correct ingredient development and mixing.
5. Learn and identify various fillings such as butter cream, ganache, mousse, pastry and different glazes.
6. Understand how to apply different methodologies of combing flavor, texture and taste in constructing various types of cakes.
7. Create their own flavors and texture as well as recipes.
8. Describe and apply the principles of menu planning to produce a variety of dessert menus.
9. Examine and recommend strategies for maintaining balance between the cost of products and the labor used to produce.

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