BAK 181 : Custards and Frozen Desserts

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Custards and Frozen Desserts



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CUL 110 or BAK 110.

Course Description

Prepare and present a variety of custards, puddings, Bavarians, mousses, still-frozen, and churn-frozen desserts, ice creams, granitas, sorbets and sherbets.

Course learning outcomes

1. Explain and demonstrate proper sanitation practices in the production of still frozen and churn frozen desserts.
2. Compare and contrast the differences of granitas, sorbet, sherbets and ice creams.
3. Identify formulas to create any flavor of ice cream or sorbet.
4. Describe and prepare basic custards including stirred and baked using a variety of thickening agents.
5. Apply the techniques of custards, flavoring and stabilizers to create Bavarians and mousses.

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