BAK 199 : Selected Topics: Baking and Pastry Arts

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Selected Topics Baking Pastry



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Provides opportunity for students with exceptional background or need to continue beyond normal Baking and Pastry Arts program content. Content and credit(s) earned are established by mutual agreement between instructor and student and detailed in written agreement at the start of the term.

Learning outcomes

1. Define and produce quality European and American laminated rich yeasted raised dough
2. Select and understand the variety of ingredients in commercial and production baking used to produce the highest quality products while maintaining and controlling cost
3. Correctly operate and clean all equipment
4. Select proper equipment for each task
5. Execute consistent and proper technique while creating a variety of laminated rich yeasted raised dough and pastry
6. Maximize the shelf life of laminated dough products through production technologies
7. Control cost through quality repurposing
8. Distinguish and apply ingredient ratios to laminated dough
9. Select, prepare and apply proper garnishes, fillings and creative techniques to a variety of rich yeasted raised doughs
10. Understand and preform efficient production techniques while applying profit centered business practice

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