BAK 210 : Modern Sugar and Chocolate Decor

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Modern Sugar Chocolate Deco



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BAK 110 or CUL 110.

Course Description

Prepare a variety of chocolate and sugar decorations and develop sculpting techniques. Learn tempering chocolate, use of molds, and transfer sheets. Practice various sugar techniques including pulled sugar, blown sugar, piped sugar, and poured sugar in addition to airbrushing techniques to create a variety of showpieces.

Course learning outcomes

1. Explain the history of chocolate from first cultivation of cocoa pods by the Aztecs to present day manufacturing.
2. Describe and demonstrate hand tempering techniques of high grade chocolate couverture.
3. Demonstrate the proper care for candy molds and other equipment used in chocolate candy making.
4. Identify the scientific properties of chocolate.
5. Demonstrate various sugar techniques such as blown sugar and pulled sugar to create three dimensional shapes.
6. Demonstrate a variety of chocolate and sugar decorations and sculpting techniques to produce decorations that can embellish other desserts or artistic showpieces for display.

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