BAK 215 : Laminated Dough and Viennoiserie

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Laminated Dough Viennoiserie



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BAK 140 or CUL 140.

Course Description

Learn the basic principles of laminated dough and the art of viennoiserie. Prepare European and American enriched yeasted doughs including classic and contemporary varieties of brioche, croissants, Danish, yeasted coffee cakes, doughnuts and sweet rolls. Learn ingredient selection, product identification, retail merchandising, formulation, shaping, proofing, and baking quality laminated products.

Course learning outcomes

1. Identify and define European and American laminated rich, yeasted raised doughs and pastry.
2. Demonstrate consistent and proper technique while creating a variety of European and American laminated rich yeasted raised doughs and pastry.
3. Identify and apply ingredient ratios to laminated dough.
4. Select and prepare proper garnishes and fillings for a variety of rich yeasted raised doughs.
5. Apply creative techniques to a variety of rich yeasted raised doughs.
6. Understand and apply efficient production techniques for a profit centered business.

Content outline

Mixing, baking, shaping Ingredient properties Rich doughs: Cinnamon Rolls / Sticky Buns / Muffins Rich doughs: Brioche / Coffee Cakes Fried breakfast pastries: Cake Doughnuts Fried breakfast pastries: Yeasted Doughnuts Laminated dough: Puff Pastry -- Sweet and Savory Laminated dough: Inverse Puff Pastry Laminated dough: Croissants Laminated dough: Danish

Required materials

Requires textbook and baking and pastry tool kit available at the COCC Bookstore.

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