BAK 220 : Wedding Celebration and Specialty Cakes

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Wedding Celebration Cakes



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BAK 110 or CUL 110.

Course Description

Learn the history of making celebration cakes including baking, assembly, and decorating. Bake sponge cakes, make buttercream, gum-paste flowers, royal icing piped decorations, and rolled fondant.Produce wedding and celebration cakes incorporating all of these elements, from design, baking, assembly, covering, and decorating.

Course learning outcomes

1. Produce a wide variety of single layer and tiered classic and modern specialty cakes while demonstrating techniques suitable for large-scale productions using the latest assembling techniques and cost-effective production methods.
2. Highlight cakes with decorations using buttercream, fondant, gum paste, and royal icing.
3. Create elements of British and American celebration cakes, including baking, decoration, and assembly work.
4. Execute proper technique while creating sponge cakes, buttercream fillings, gum paste flowers, royal icing piped decorations, and rolled fondant.
5. Produce wedding cakes incorporating all these elements from design, baking, and assembly to covering and decorating.

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