BAK 230 : Plated Desserts and Presentation

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Plated Desserts Presentation



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BAK 140 or CUL 140.

Recommended preparation

BAK 180.

Course Description

Learn the principles and techniques of plated, banquet, buffet, and table-side desserts. Explore history, decor, purchasing, costing, flavor, presentation, and design sweet and savory desserts. Review high-volume production, portion control, and waste management. Create a final dessert incorporating all topics, including individual design, flavor, and decor.

Course learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate and discuss different presentation styles of baked goods and desserts.
2. Evaluate the quality of presentations of baked goods and desserts.
3. Identify the basic elements of plated desserts.
4. Effectively plan and time for dessert service including food cost; labor cost; and time management.
5. Utilize garnishes on plates to add to visual appeal and to maintain balance on plate.
6. Maintain consistent quality in large-volume desserts.
7. Develop and troubleshoot baking and pastry recipes.

Content outline

Menu Planning Buffet and Banquet Service Banquet Desserts Banquet Setup High Volume Dessert Plating Restaurant Dessert Service Restaurant Line/Station Setup Time Management / Efficiency / Attitude Controlling Waste Balancing Flavors Dessert Service Table Side Service

Required materials

Requires textbook and baking and pastry tool kit available at the COCC Bookstore.

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