BAK 240 : The Craft of Artisan Breads

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The Craft of Artisan Breads



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BAK 140 or BAK 101 or CUL 140.

Course Description

Apply principles and techniques of preparing lean yeasted, rich, and sourdough bread including flatbreads, baguettes, brioche, bagels, pretzels, sourdough, and rye bread. Emphasizes regional and international bread, natural fermentation, and the use of various flours and grains. Practice and apply traditional and innovative baking, shaping, and finishing methods.

Course learning outcomes

1. Apply artisan techniques, such as hand shaping and mixing and slow and natural fermentation methods to produce breads exceptional in flavor and appearance.
2. Demonstrate the twelve baking steps in the production of yeasted doughs and replicate each step with skill and precision.
3. Demonstrate the function of each ingredient in quality bread production.
4. Apply specific tools, such as baker’s percentage, to formulate, design, convert, troubleshoot, and evaluate bread formulas.
5. Create and evaluate variety of traditional and regional handcrafted artisan breads.

Content outline

  • A brief history of bread
  • Ingredient properties and equipment
  • The baking process
  • The mixing sequence and dough development
  • Lean straight dough and hearth breads
  • The fermentation phase
  • The shaping phase
  • Rich and sweet dough
  • The proofing phase
  • Décor and baking
  • Regional breads
  • Preferments and long fermentation
  • Natural fermentation and sourdough
  • Whole grains and rye

Required materials

Requires a uniform and baking and pastry arts tool kit available at the COCC bookstore.

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