BAK 240 : The Craft of Artisan Breads

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The Craft of Artisan Breads



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CUL 110 or BAK 110.


Learn the principles and techniques of preparing multigrain breads, sourdoughs, bagels, pretzels, holiday or seasonal, and flat breads. Emphasis placed on regional and international breads, handling grains (such as soakers) for specialty breads, mixing, shaping, finishing, and innovative baking methods.

Learning outcomes

1. Describe and apply the techniques for using pre-ferments in artisan breads
2. Understand the importance of flour in the production of fermented baked products.
3. Select ingredients and apply techniques to produce quality artisan breads
4. Apply the baker’s percentage in formulation design and conversion.
5. Produce a variety of fermented baked goods using natural and commercial raising agents.
6. Apply a variety of makeup techniques for finished products
7. Evaluate baked products and apply troubleshooting guide for common bread faults to determine quality

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