BAK 255S : Artisan Breads with Heirloom Whole Grains

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Artisan Breads



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BAK 110 or CUL 110.

Course Description

Make a variety of specialty breads such as multigrain, rye, flax seed, organic baguette, and organic spelt. Make products with multiple flours, mixed fermentation techniques, and various production processes. Analyze different flours and the health and nutritional benefits of the breads made from them.

Course learning outcomes

1. Describe and apply techniques for using a variety of grains to produce organic, seeded breads.
2. Compare and contrast the different flours used to create breads with dense textures.
3. Apply technology to work with specific types of doughs.
4. Produce a wide variety of breads, including flax seed, rye, dark rye, pumpernickel, and other Eastern European breads.
5. Explain and apply techniques to produce organic breads with improved health and nutritional benefits.

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