BI 101 : General Biology: Cells & Genes

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General Biology: Cells Genes



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Recommended preparation

MTH 60 or MTH 98 or placement into Math level 10.

Course Description

Designed to fulfill general education requirements, this course is intended for non-major students whose program requires biology courses. Centers on concepts of unity of living organisms including evolution, biochemistry, cell biology genetics and development. Need not be taken in sequence.

Course learning outcomes

1. Recognize scientific hypotheses and assess the scientific validity of biological explanations.
2. Generate logical interpretations and conclusions from graphs, models, and data of scientific research.
3. Analyze the scientific evidence for the explanations of the origin of life.
4. Model the processes of cell respiration and photosynthesis.
5. Apply an understanding of the cell cycle to cellular abnormalities such as cancer.
6. Explain the mechanisms for new genetic information.
7. Use Mendelian principles to predict genetic inheritance patterns.
8. Describe gene expression and regulation.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Science Lab

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