BI 102 : General Biology: Evolution

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General Biology: Evolution



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Recommended preparation

MTH 60 or MTH 98 or placement into Math level 10.

Course Description

Designed to fulfill general education requirements, this course is intended for non-major students whose program requires biology courses. Focus is on concepts of biological diversity including the evidence for and mechanisms of evolution, sexual selection, and adaptations to local environments. Need not be taken in sequence. This course includes animal dissection.

Course learning outcomes

1. Infer evolutionary patterns based on fossil, morphological, embryological, and molecular evidence.
2. Construct and interpret phylogenetic trees based on the supporting evidence for the relationships.
3. Describe how evolutionary mechanisms alter genetic variation in a population through time.
4. Explain biological diversity based on mechanisms of evolution, including sexual selection.
5. Compare modes of speciation and species isolating mechanisms.
6. Identify patterns in development and function of related organisms.

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  • Science Lab

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