BI 103 : General Biology: Ecology

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General Biology: Ecology



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Recommended preparation

MTH 60 or MTH 98 or placement into Math level 10.

Course Description

Designed to fulfill general education requirements, this courses is intended for non-major students whose program requires biology courses. Focus is on ecological concepts including interactions between organisms and the abiotic environment, co-evolutionary adaptations, and Central Oregon flora and/or fauna. Scheduled labs may include outdoor field trips. Need not be taken in sequence.

Course learning outcomes

1. Explain how organisms respond to changes in their environment.
2. Assess how populations and communities of organisms interact.
3. Recognize global and/or regional examples of biotic communities.
4. Identify representative flora and/or fauna of Oregon.
5. Recognize the general patterns of energy flow through, and chemical cycling of ecosystems.
6. Evaluate the relationship between abiotic and biotic factors in ecosystems.
7. Use scientific data to analyze humans impacts on organisms, populations, communities and ecosystems.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Science Lab

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