BI 105 : Essentials of Human Biology

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Essentials of Human Biology



Grading mode

Standard letter grades

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Lecture hours


Course Description

Introductory human biology course covering structure and function of the body. Topics include relevant terminology, selected anatomical structures, normal function of human body systems, as well as the impact of selected pathological processes and age. Designed for Allied Health programs.

Course learning outcomes

1. Recognize anatomical language including those related to directional terms and regions.
2. Identify anatomical descriptions and fundamental body structures.
3. Identify anatomy of selected organs in body systems (identification and location).
4. Determine the functional role of each body system.
5. Recognize effects of selected pathological processes and age on body systems.

Content outline

Content will include introductions to: Anatomic Descriptions and Fundamental Body Structures Nervous System Senses Integumentary System Muscular System Skeletal System Respiratory system Immune System Digestive System Endocrine Systems Urinary system Reproductive System

Required materials

Textbook is required. Regular internet access and access to a functioning computer are required for this course when it is taught online.

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