BI 142 : Introduction to Marine Biology

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Introduction to Marine Biology



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Examines the physical, chemical, and biological aspects of the marine environment with emphasis on ecology, biodiversity, sustainability and conservation of marine resources. Laboratory focuses on field experience through a multi-day trip to the Oregon Coast.

Learning outcomes

1. Describe the unique chemical and physical characteristics of marine environments.
2. Explain how ecological principles can predict the structure and function of marine ecosystems.
3. Recognize and classify marine organisms by evolutionary and functional relationships.
4. Evaluate human impacts on marine ecosystems and analyze how human policies influence the sustainability of marine resources.
5. Use quantitative scientific techniques to describe the marine environment including interactions between organisms and/or the physical environment.
6. Collect, analyze, interpret, and communicate scientific data.

Content outline

1. Sea floor plate tectonics
2. Chemical and physical features of the ocean
3. Oceanic zones and coral reefs
4. Planktonic organisms of the sea
5. Seaweeds and marine plants
6. Marine invertebrates, fishes, reptiles, birds, and mammals
7. Marine ecology
8. Resources from the Sea
9. Human Impacts on marine ecosystems
1. Background research related to field project
2. Field data collection experience in a marine system
3. Field trip to observe and experience marine systems on the Oregon Coast
4. Analysis, interpretation, and presentation of results

Required materials

Course may require a coursepack and/or marine biology textbook.

Grading methods

Grades will be determined by in-class activities, exams, lab activities and reports, and homework from reading assignments.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Discipline Studies/Science Lab

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