BI 222 : Principles of Biology: Organisms

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Principles of Bio: Organisms



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BI 221.

Course Description

Introduces fundamental biological concepts and theories about plant and animal physiology, evolution, structure and function, transformation of energy, and matter and systems at an organismal level.

Course learning outcomes

1. Explain how cells detect and respond to environmental changes (internal and external) and how cell-cell communication and response varies for single-celled, colonial and multicellular organisms.
2. Predict the relationship between structure and function in novel situations.
3. Describe how biological systems detect and respond to different internal/external environmental conditions through feedback.
4. Compare and contrast solutions to shared homeostatic challenges across various forms of life.

Content outline

  1. Cell Metabolism
  2. Cell Signaling
  3. Transitions to Multicellularity
  4. Plant Form and Function
  5. Plant Nutrition
  6. Transport in Plants
  7. Plant Signaling
  8. Plant Immunity
  9. Animal Form and Function
  10. Animal Nutrition and Digestion
  11. Animal Circulation
  12. Animal Gas Exchange
  13. Animal Osmoregulation and Excretion
  14. Animal Immune System
  15. Animal Nervous System
  16. Animal Support and Muscular Systems

Required materials

Textbook (same for all three Principles of Biology courses), access to a computer with internet.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Science Lab

Outside of

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