CHN 101 : Mandarin Chinese I

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Mandarin Chinese I



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Standard letter grades

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Course Description

Introduces Mandarin Chinese language presented within the context of Chinese culture. First course of a three-course sequence. Introduces students to the sound system of Mandarin Chinese and moves on to basic skills in listening, speaking, reading, and copying a limited number of Chinese characters.

Course learning outcomes

1. Recognize basic sounds, words, and a few basic phrases when spoken.
2. Produce basic sounds, words, and phrases with correct tones.
3. Read a limited number of foundational Chinese characters.
4. Copy a limited number of foundational Chinese characters.

Content outline

• Introduction of sounds and tones • Introduction to character structure • Basic grammar rules • Simple greetings • Simple introductions • Yes/No questions

Required materials

Materials for this class are generated by the instructor for class handouts.

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