CHN 103 : Mandarin Chinese III

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Mandarin Chinese III



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CHN 102.

Course Description

Introduces Mandarin Chinese language presented within the context of Chinese culture. Third course of a three-course sequence. Expands on effective communicative skills in both the written and spoken language with particular attention to handling uncomplicated social situations and developing writing and reading to meet a number of practical everyday needs.

Course learning outcomes

1. Understand words, phrases and simple sentences related to everyday life when spoken.
2. Initiate and respond to simple questions related to everyday social interactions.
3. Read simple sentences related to everyday life.
4. Write short interactions related to everyday life, using simple sentences.

Content outline

  • Conjunction words (i.e. although, therefore)
  • Directions and location
  • Time phrases: When and duration
  • Verb compliments
  • Means of transport
  • Hobbies/daily routine

Required materials

Materials for this class are generated by the instructor for class handouts.

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