CHN 203 : Second Year Mandarin Chinese III

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2nd Yr Mandarin Chinese III



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CHN 202.

Course Description

The third course of a three-course sequence in intermediate Mandarin Chinese language and culture. This course will focus on effective communication in the Mandarin Chinese language, emphasizing both the written and spoken language, as well as an understanding of the practices and products of Chinese culture. Particular attention will be given to exploring the relationship between Chinese language, literature, philosophy, and culture.

Course learning outcomes

1. Use more advanced speaking and listening skills to participate in most informal and some formal conversations.
2. Read and compose colloquial and formal text using Chinese characters.
3. Apply wider cultural understandings and recognize Chinese cultural values in order to interact with native speakers of Mandarin Chinese with high effectiveness.
4. Analyze contemporary and historical Chinese cultural works within a larger global context.

Content outline

  • Ba structure
  • Complex sentence and advanced conjunction (i.e. even though, even if, furthermore)
  • Give instruction and assign tasks
  • Describing the status of task completion
  • Compare education system
  • Compare family structure and relations

Required materials

This course will use a textbook and handouts distributed in-class. Students will also be expected to access web-based exercises associated with the textbook. Course Category

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Cultural Literacy
  • Arts and Letters

Outside of

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