CIS 070 : Introduction to Computers: Windows

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Intro to Computers: Windows



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Students will gain confidence in the use of personal computers and the Windows operating system. Topics include fundamental computer terminology, introductory use of a graphic user interface including mouse usage, windows, menus, icons and dialog boxes. Also included are file management and an introduction to word processing, Web browsing and email. P/NP grading.

Learning outcomes

1. Identify key elements of the Windows interface.
2. Customize Windows appearance and settings.
3. Navigate the Web efficiently.
4. Demonstrate mastery of e-mail systems, including sending mail, using attachments, and creating filters.
5. Manage multiple online accounts.
6. Perform common productivity tasks with apps.
7. Import, edit and manage media files.
8. Demonstrate common word processing tasks.
9. Organize files with folders and keywords in local and online storage.
10. Demonstrate understanding of Windows tasks that promote security and safe use of a personal computer.

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