CIS 101 : Information Technology Orientation

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IT Orientation



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Course Description

Provides an understanding of the computer-related programs available to students and their pathways to further education and employment. Explores the training and productivity habits essential for work in IT-related fields. Research, plan, and document knowledge and skills used in both academic and professional IT work.

Course learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate the ability to create achievable goals and plans for success.
2. Identify IT-related educational programs and their connection to IT professions.
3. Use tools for communication, organization, productivity, and collaborative work.
4. Demonstrate proficiency with client-based and web-based tools for document and spreadsheet production.

Content outline

  • Self-assessment of learning styles and interests
  • Jobs in IT
  • Educational pathways and their areas of focus
  • Communication skills and tools
  • Working collaboratively with software
  • Productivity software (documents and spreadsheets)
  • Creating goals and using software to manage and track
  • Online educational tools and sites

Required materials

Students should have access to a reliable computer and internet access.

Outside of

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