CIS 120 : Computer Concepts

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Computer Concepts



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Recommended preparation

CIS 010 and CIS 070 or equivalent computer skills.

Course Description

Follows the Internet and Computing Core Certificate (IC3) national standard for digital literacy used at numerous colleges and universities across the country as well as industry. Course objectives are broken down into three modules: Computer Fundamentals, Key Applications, and Living Online. Provides knowledge and skills needed to use computers successfully at the college level.

Course learning outcomes

1. Describe the best practices for safely using computer hardware, software, and cloud computing.
2. Produce files to show understanding of common productivity software such as word processing, spreadsheets, presentation, and database management.
3. Show proper use of online tools and software such as web browsers, communications apps, calendar tools, and social media/networking services.

Content outline

• Computer hardware • Operating systems • File management • Cloud computing • Security • Word • Excel • Powerpoint • Access • Web searching • Browsers • Email • Calendars • Social media • Communications tools

Required materials

Internet access for web-based e-books and learning resources is required.

Outside of

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