CIS 122 : Introduction to Programming

Transcript title

Introduction to Programming



Grading mode

Standard letter grades

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Recommended preparation

CIS 120 or CIS 124.

Course Description

Introduction to computer programming for those with little or no programming experience. Provides a strong, fundamental understanding of programming. Introduces students to elementary programming concepts of algorithm design, control structures, and user interface. Students will use the basic constructs of programming including constants, variables, expressions and control structures for sequential, iterative and decision processing to solve a variety of problems.

Course learning outcomes

1. Analyze small programs and determine their behavior.
2. Construct small programs to accomplish a wide variety of simple tasks.
3. Create and utilize basic objects.
4. Apply fundamental software engineering practices when writing code that utilizes structured programming concepts.

Content outline

• Program behaviors • Constructing programs • Objects • Structured programming concepts

Required materials

Students will need regular and reliable access to the Internet.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Science not Lab

Outside of

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