CIS 125A : Access

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CIS 131.

Course Description

Introduces the most popular desktop database software, Microsoft Access. Prepares students for the latest Microsoft Office Specialist certification for Access exam which helps students validate the skills industries require. Create and modify database tables, forms, queries and reports. Focuses on optimizing databases for efficient data entry and generating comprehensive reports. Database design issues are discussed but not emphasized.

Course learning outcomes

1. Design and manage relational databases in Access: import/export data and establish relationships between tables.
2. Construct and modify database tables, records and fields.
3. Create and manage queries to filter and find information.
4. Build forms to manage data entry and editing.
5. Generate and format reports to present information.

Content outline

  • Create and modify a database
  • Navigate a database
  • Create tables
  • Manage tables
  • Manage records
  • Create and modify fields
  • Create queries
  • Create calculated fields and grouping within queries
  • Create forms
  • Configure form controls
  • Format a form
  • Create reports 
  • Configure report controls
  • Format a report

Required materials

Internet access for web-based e-books and learning resources is required.

Outside of

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