CIS 125A2 : AutoCAD 2

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AutoCAD 2



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Standard letter grades

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Recommended preparation

CIS 125A1.

Course Description

Second course in a two-term sequence covering intermediate AutoCAD commands including dimension styles, templates, CAD standards, attribute blocks, attribute extraction, external references, object linking/embedding, advanced drawing set-up and plotting, and the program parameter file. Work will be completed with AutoCAD.

Course learning outcomes

1. Explain and use the GRIP editing tools.
2. Program and execute a revised Program Parameter File.
3. Set up and preserve advanced drafting standards in templates.
4. Explain CAD Standards and develop CAD standards file.
5. Create user-defined parent and child dimension styles.
6. Accurately use the correct standardized techniques to dimension architectural and mechanical drawings.
7. Create, use and edit blocks, wblocks, xrefs and block attributes.
8. Extract and analyze block attribute data.
9. Use Object Linking/Embedding function in AutoCAD.

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