CIS 125E : Excel

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Recommended preparation

(CIS 120 or CIS 124) and CIS 131.

Course Description

Covers intermediate and advanced features of Microsoft Excel such as lists, pivot tables, working with multiple worksheets, templates, what-if-analysis, data tables, advanced formulas and functions, goal seek, solver, consolidating and importing data. Students will apply these Excel features to create and revise business worksheets.

Course learning outcomes

1. Enter different types of data into Excel and use appropriate formatting features to create a professional looking spreadsheets.
2. Appropriately use basic formulas and functions in Excel to solve common business problems.
3. Evaluate data in Excel using logical and lookup functions.
4. Present business related information in an easy to understand format using the Excel charting tools.
5. Use advanced functions to develop sophisticated spreadsheets for making business decisions.
6. Manage large volumes of data using filters and pivot tables.
7. Conduct “What if" analysis using various features of Excel and conduct advanced statistical computations.
8. Import external data form text files and databases.

Content outline

• Worksheet formatting • Functions and formulas • Charting • Pivot charts/tables • Data management

Required materials

Access to Microsoft Office.

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