CIS 125E : Excel

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CIS 131.

Course Description

Covers the value of Excel in facilitating business decision-making. Begins with an introduction to intermediate and advanced features of Excel and covers advanced logical, lookup, and finance functions, as well as nesting functions used to tackle common business challenges. Emphasizes the significance of appropriate cell referencing in formulas and functions to fully leverage Excel's dynamic capabilities fully.

Course learning outcomes

1. Apply advanced conditional functions, lookup functions, and finance functions to solve complex business problems.
2. Create cohesive formulas using nested functions to analyze and solve common business challenges.
3. Analyze various business scenarios using what-if tools in Excel to make strategic decisions.
4. Analyze data using pivot tables and charts.
5. Communicate findings effectively through visual representation.
6. Demonstrate proficiency in organizing and managing data sets effectively to improve decision-making using array functions in Excel.

Content outline

  1. Worksheet formatting
  2. Functions and formulas
    1. Cell referencing
    2. Logical, Lookup, and Date Functions
  3. Working with Large Datasets and Tables
    1. Conditional formatting
    2. Statistical Functions 
  4. Charting
    1. Chart basics
    2. Add chart elements
    3. Sparkline charts
  5. Summarize data
    1. Subtotal data
    2. Create and Modify pivot tables
  6. Data Analysis
    1. Subtotal Function
    2. Table Slicers
    3. Two way Lookups
  7. Manage data
    1. data validation
    2. array functions
  8. Financial Functions
  9. What if Analysis
    1. Goal Seek
    2. Scenario Manager
    3. Data tables

Required materials

Access to Office 365 - specifically Microsoft Excel

Outside of

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