CIS 125G : Photoshop

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Recommended preparation

CIS 120 or CIS 124.

Course Description

Covers the learning objectives as outlined by Adobe to become an Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) in visual communication using Adobe Photoshop. Outcomes include an overall understanding of Photoshop as well as setting project requirements, identifying design elements, manipulating images, and evaluating digital images.

Course learning outcomes

1. Learn many of Photoshop’s features for adjusting the look and quality of digital images.
2. Restore damaged photographs using a variety of Photoshop’s tools and adjustments.
3. Create multi-layered composite images, using Photoshop's layer palette and blending modes along with selection tools.
4. Gain an understanding of fundamental composition concepts.
5. Gain experience exporting a variety of file-types for print and web.

Content outline

- program interface - image repair and restoration - creating layered images - composition - exporting images for the web

Required materials

Regular access to Adobe Photoshop.

Outside of

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