CIS 125WA : Web Animation

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Web Animation



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Recommended preparation

CIS 124.

Course Description

Explores the tools and technologies used to create vector and bitmap web animations, as well as interactivity in rich web content. Class topics include: keyframe and path-based motion graphics, vector vs. bitmap images, programming interactivity for rollover buttons, special effects, and sound. Covers the principles of two dimension animation and its uses on the web. Students make effective computer animations that can be marketed and delivered through the web.

Course learning outcomes

1. Compare and contrast the effectiveness of different web design techniques and tools.
2. Demonstrate an understanding of motion graphics, timelines, and two-dimensional animation by creating animations for the web.
3. Create a website animation and/or banner that effectively uses principals of animation and web design.
4. Demonstrate understanding of concepts and tools needed to publish multimedia content on the web.
5. Exhibit competency in creating vector based motion graphics that adhere to the principles of traditional animation.

Content outline

- web design techniques and tools - motion graphics and timelines - website animation for advertisements - publishing media - vector-based graphics

Required materials

Students will need regular and reliable Internet access.

Outside of

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