CIS 131 : Software Applications

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Software Applications



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CIS 120 or CIS 124 or COCC Computer Competency.

Course Description

Explore features and techniques of both Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, focusing on skills that are common to IT and business users. Focus on skills needed to prepare for the Excel and Word Associate Microsoft Office Specialist Certifications.

Course learning outcomes

1. Manage worksheets, workbooks, data cells, ranges and tables in Excel.
2. Perform operations by using formulas and functions.
3. Create, modify and format charts.
4. Insert and format text, paragraphs, sections, tables and lists.
5. Create and manage references.
6. Insert and format graphic elements.

Content outline

• Word document properties • Formatting text, paragraphs, and sections in Word • Working with tables and lists in Word • Creating and using references and citations in Word • Adding and formatting graphics and images to Word documents • Excel workbooks and worksheet properties • Adding data to Excel and formatting cells and sheets • Creating tables in Excel, and formatting/filtering content • Using formulas and functions in Excel • Creating and customizing different charts and graphs in Excel

Required materials

Students will need access to a reliable computer with Internet access. Students will also need recent versions of Microsoft Office--available to students via their school account.

Outside of

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