CIS 133JS : Introduction to JavaScript

Transcript title

Introduction to JavaScript



Grading mode

Standard letter grades

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CIS 122.

Recommended preparation

CIS 195.

Course Description

Learn programming fundamentals and object-oriented concepts using vanilla JavaScript syntax. Add interactivity and custom behaviors to web applications by employing front-end JavaScript techniques combined with HTML and CSS.

Course learning outcomes

1. Implement scripts that rely on knowledge of Document Object Model (DOM) architecture and includes methods for manipulating DOM objects.
2. Construct functions that effectively utilize variables, conditionals, loops, and arrays.
3. Generate scripts that process user input and provide meaningful output.
4. Plan and create scripts utilizing events and event handlers that respond to user inputs.

Content outline

• The Document Object Model (DOM) • Events and event handling • Variables and scope • Conditionals • Functions • Strings and numbers • Arrays • Loops • Objects

Required materials

Required Internet access for web-based e-books and learning resources.

Outside of

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