CIS 195 : Web Development I

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Web Development I



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Recommended preparation

CIS 120 or CIS 124.

Course Description

Learn HTML (for structure) and CSS (for style) while exploring the fundamentals of web development. Use different techniques to create webpage elements used by modern and successful websites. Style webpages that are functional, for both desktop and mobile users, and demonstrate best practices for usability and design.

Course learning outcomes

1. Explain the role of web servers, Internet infrastructure, and file management as they affect web development and the creation/delivery of webpages and webpage content.
2. Apply concepts of web usability and user experience best practices.
3. Plan, construct, and style webpage layouts for both mobile and desktop platforms.
4. Integrate webpage elements into a plan, layout, and design.

Content outline

• Internet/web history and infrastructure • Folder and file management • HTML elements • Webpage structure • Cascading stylesheets • Design concepts • Usability and user experience • Hyperlinks and navigation • Webpage layouts • Media • Web forms

Required materials

Internet access for web-based e-books and learning resources is required.

Outside of

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