CIS 197 : CMS Web Development: WordPress

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CMS Web Development: WordPress



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CIS 195 Web Development I.

Course Description

Examines the basics of database-driven websites created using WordPress content management system (CMS), an extremely flexible and scalable technology used for making websites that need database functionality and regular content updates. Students learn through hands-on projects how to install, configure, and manage websites connected to a database. Students will learn how to create rich content for websites that offer both functionality and scalability using WordPress. Other content management systems will be explored.

Course learning outcomes

1. Install a web server, MySQL server, and PhP.
2. Install a database and a content management system.
3. Create website users with appropriate permissions.
4. Install a template or theme for the content management system.
5. Create menus, articles, blogs, and special pages using the content management system administrative tools.
6. Manipulate page layout using administrative tools and cascading style sheets.
7. Install extensions and plug-ins to extend the functionality of the content management system.
8. Follow search engine optimization best practices when creating content for a web site that is driven by a content management system.
9. Identify how to acquire web hosting and domain name services for a web site created with a content management system.
10. Create and edit appropriate graphics and multimedia for a website using a content management system.
11. Observe copyright laws and restrictions for publishing on the web.

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