CIS 233P : Web Programming

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Web Programming



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CIS 133P.

Recommended preparation

CIS 133JS.

Course Description

Introduces students to techniques used to create interactive, dynamic content. Students will design interactive user interfaces (using JavaScript and XML) which will interact with custom databases residing on a server (using PHP and MySQL). The course will explore the concepts of event-driven programming to create interactive interfaces using dynamic content. Students will write server-side scripts, design custom databases to both store and provide access to content. The course will conclude with a final project where students will design their own dynamic websites.

Course learning outcomes

1. Display dynamic content with server-side scripts.
2. Manage sessions and track users with server-side scripts.
3. Query and populate databases with server-side scripts.
4. Provide user authentication with server-side scripts.
5. Create interactive user interfaces with client-side scripts.
6. Interact with dynamic content stored in databases with client-side scripts.

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