CIS 279L : Linux+

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Recommended preparation

CIS 179 or CIS 179L.

Course Description

Follows the CompTIA Linux+ exam outcomes and competencies and is therefore 'vendor neutral'. While previous experience with other PC operating systems is expected, this course will prepare you to work as a Linux administrator, network support, network technician, and more. Students will understand the fundamentals of Linux technology, learn all areas of the Linux infrastructure, and demonstrate how to use vendor products and software.

Course learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate knowledge of installing and configuring Linux.
2. Demonstrate how to run, maintain and troubleshoot a Linux system.
3. Demonstrate ability to identify, install and maintain system hardware.

Content outline

- Linux distributions - Installing Linux - Run and maintain a Linux system - Troubleshooting a Linux system - Managing hardware on a Linux system

Required materials

The student will need regular and reliable access to the Internet.

Outside of

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