CIS 295 : Web Development II

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Web Development II



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CIS 195.


Expands on existing HTML/CSS skills and explores the process of making websites, particularly e-commerce sites for clients. Students will practice site planning, development, content management and client relations as they create, document and present a web site project and portfolio. Topics include web site design, search engine optimization, web page usability, and responsive mobile web design.

Learning outcomes

1. Create a professional portfolio of web development skills.
2. Identify web site characteristics that promote web usability.
3. Design web pages for mobile devices.
4. Use the newest HTML elements and CSS3 properties in web development.
5. Create multi-tiered (cascading) navigation menus using HTML and CSS.
6. Use PHP for contact forms and server-side includes.
7. Identify characteristics that promote search engine optimization.
8. Set up a content management system.

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