CJ 123 : Spanish for Law Enforcement Personnel

Transcript title

Span for Law Enforce Personnel



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Recommended preparation

SPAN 101.

Course Description

Designed for students who are interested or are currently enrolled in the Criminal Justice program as well as current criminal justice employees. Emphasizes important daily phrases that someone in the criminal justice fields may encounter. Students' basic skills in listening, reading, writing and speaking are developed as well as exposure to the culture of Spanish-speaking citizens and their customs that directly affect interaction with criminal justice professionals.

Course learning outcomes

1. Give commands to elicit cooperation from suspects, witnesses, and other citizens.
2. Extract important information from citizens by asking questions.
3. Explain court dates and times correctly to Spanish-speaking citizens.
4. Summarize question after asking for repetition of that question with few words.
5. Recall certain phrases to maximize ability to take control of the conversation.
6. Use correct Spanish language pronunciation.
7. Use language that reflects an understanding of the cultural aspects of social situations.
8. Explain the cultural messages reflected in non-verbal behaviors of Spanish-speaking citizens.

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