CJ 153 : Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice

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Ethical Issues in CJ



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This course outlines various ethical systems and applies them to the individual's analysis and evaluation of ethical dilemmas, duties and responsibilities in the field of criminal justice. The students will explore his/her own ethical framework and decision making while learning to integrate the obligations to society and the codes of conduct prescribed by professional criminal justice organizations and agencies. An emphasis will be placed on the ethical and responsible use of discretion, authority and power as endowed by society.

Course learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate knowledge and application of the basic ethical systems of thought.
2. Distinguish the terms ethics, values, morality, duty, and virtue.
3. Integrate various points of view, expectations, and obligation in their decision-making process.
4. Explain police discretion and how the use of that discretion can be positively or negatively impacted by their decision making process.
5. Analyze real-world scenarios that confront criminal justice practitioners through the application of ethical systems and professional codes of conduct to changing and dynamic situations.
6. Analyze the disparity in thought and deed in society and the criminal justice system due to the variety of social, cultural, religious, and moral viewpoints of the communities served by the criminal justice system.

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  • Social Science

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