CJ 203 : Critical Incident Management for Criminal Justice Professionals

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Critical Incident Mgmt for CJ



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Provides an introduction to concepts of critical incident management for criminal justice professionals including: crisis intervention, building crisis intervention skills and evaluation of personal coping skills and emotional reactions.

Learning outcomes

1. Practice basic crisis intervention and communication skills.
2. Identify potential critical incident flags for people in crisis.
3. Self-assess stress levels and practice self-coping strategies in response to personal and professional stress in the criminal justice profession.
4. Examine personal biases in respect to dealing with human diversity.
5. Identify common signs and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and basic intervention tactics for criminal justice professionals.

Content outline

I. Introduction, expectations defining crisis
II. Stress management
IV. Keeping the balance - coping strategies
V. Violent encounters - responding to people in crisis
VI. Domestic violence
VII. Tactical communication
VIII. Stress first aid
IX. Character
X. Fear

Required materials

May require a textbook.

Grading methods

Students are assessed via weekly assignments which may include: interviews, self-assessments, reflections, journals, exams and a final paper.

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