CJ 204 : Controversies in Criminal Justice

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Controversies Criminal Justice



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This course defines, describes and evaluates the crises and conflicts which face law enforcement agencies today. Topics include: use of force, police pursuits, recruitment and the death penalty.

Learning outcomes

1. Students will demonstrate knowledge and awareness of the major controversial issues confronting the relationship between society, the individual, and the criminal justice system.
2. Students will demonstrate knowledge of the history and evolution of the criminal justice system, and explain how that evolution continues to affect controversial policies today, and in the future
3. Students will analyze real-world scenarios that confront criminal justice practitioners to exercise and expand their ability to integrate various points of view, expectations, and obligations in their decision-making process.
4. Students will exhibit an understanding of the importance of criminal justice policy and how those policies can positively or negatively impact social values including equality, and justice.
5. Students will develop and display and understanding of the individual and ideological disparity in values, opinions, and beliefs due to the variety of social, cultural, religious, and moral viewpoints of the communities served by the criminal justice system.
6. Students will discuss and differentiate between emotional and logical argument and identify the hallmarks of critical and un-critical thinking in consideration of public policy issues.
7. Students will consider the positive and negative impacts of media and cultural influences upon the public discourse of controversial criminal justice issues.
8. Students will apply analytical skills to social phenomena in order to understand human behavior.
9. Students will apply knowledge and experience to foster personal growth and better appreciate the diverse social world in which we live.

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